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Wild Arts Festival artists exhibit and sell original work in their booths, with reproductions of artists’ work allowed.

The Wild Arts Festival is a juried show, and the 2014 jury process is now open. Download the jury application and instructions.

Wild Arts Festival artists exhibit and sell original work in their booths, with reproductions of artists’ work allowed. All art includes one or more of the following elements:

  • Nature or wildlife as a subject
  • Natural materials as medium
  • Art promoting environmental sustainability

Enjoy a slideshow of work from the 2013 Festival's artists and then scroll down for the 2013 artist names and mediums.


2013 Wild Arts Festival artists

Artist Medium Website
Sue Allen Printmaking
Jane Aukshunas Pastel
Rebecca Bashara & Scott MacDonald Jewelry
Walt Bensman Ceramic/pottery
Eric Berlin & Sidney Manzanita Jewelry
Ian Beyer Metal Sculpture
Kim Black Baskets; gourds
Cody Blomberg Oil
Richard & Deborah Bloom Chimes
Scott Carpenter Photography
Ann Cavanaugh Glass
Michael Conley & Carol Lux
Dean Crouser Acrylic/watercolor
Amy Daileda Textile/fabric
Dave & Boni Deal Ceramic/pottery
Daniel W. Elster Photography
Faron Evans Mixed media
Vicki Fish Mixed assemblage & collage
Janet Gadallah Ceramic/pottery
Melissa Gannon Acrylic/watercolor
Julia C. Garrels Enamel
Tim Giraudier Photography
Tanya Harvey Textile/fabric & pencil/watercolor
Babette Harvey Ceramic/pottery
Steven Holt Photography
Amanda Houston Oil & pastel
David Jessup Mixed media & recycled
Meg B. Jones Jewelry
Barbara Kennedy Pastel
Paulina Brie Kriebel Textile/fabric
Sarah Leonard Jewelry
Heidi Leugers Textile/fabric
Meredith MacLeod Printmaking, paper/book arts, textile
Steph Mader Glass
Jill & Bruce Allison Mayberg Mixed media & paper/book arts
Kim Middleton Oil
Chris Moench Ceramic/pottery
Debby Neely Print making
Duncan Neilson Photography
Kyoko Niikuni Paper book arts
Larry N. Olson Photography
Lauren Osmolski Metal sculpture
Kathleen Otley Mixed media (woven metal; willow sculpture)
Jim Piper Wood
Beth Poirier Textile/fabric
Collin Prasch Mixed media: collage
Sachiko Quinn Batik
Tom Rapp Textile/fabric
Dona Reed Mixed media/printmaking
Molly Reeves Oil
Gunter Reimnitz Metal/sculpture
Annette & Robert Meichtry Ruckert Jewelry
Richard & Robin Sanchez Ceramic/pottery
Kate Saunders Glass
Charles Schweigert Acrylic/watercolor
Lindsay Scott Copper garden art
Jacquelyn Smith Wood & jewelry
Deb Steele Jewelry
Dorothy Steele Ceramic/pottery
Catherine Stemper Jewelry
Sandy Tweed Acrylic/watercolor
Steve Tyree Metal sculpture
Aiko Vail & Paul Erickson
Wood & glass
Brett Varney Pastel
Karen West Jewelry
Bonnie White Watercolor
Kelly Wu Ceramic/pottery
Anita Yager Jewelry
Chee Yean Yoong-Packer Acrylic/watercolor
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