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Kids and Birds

What can I do for birds?

Ten Things You Can Do to Help Birds

What can I do for Birds?

1. Feed the Birds!
The best type of food for birds is natural food. You can help by planting native plants in your yard, garden or patio. You can also feed the birds with bird feeders. Always remember to use fresh seed and clean your feeders regularly!

2. Provide a Home or Nest Box!
Birds need a safe place to raise their young. You can purchase or build a nest box and place it in your yard or neighborhood.

3. Community Science!
Be a community scientist and report your bird observations. Get involved with Project Feeder Watch: Set up your bird feeders and report on what birds you see in the winter! You can also join in the Great Backyard Bird Count, which happens every year in February!

4. Learn More!
Want to learn more about birds and their habitats? Come to an Audubon Society of Portland camp, or learn about our in-school programs!

5. Take a Wild Thing Under Your Wing!
Sponsor one of the Audubon Society of Portland’s education birds. Ask for it for your birthday. As an adoptive “parent,” you receive a color photo and button of your bird, a Wild Thing Sponsor Certificate, a personal history and general information on the species of your bird. Your name will also be on the sponsor bird list on your bird’s cage!

6. Keep cats indoors!
Help keep birds safe by keeping cats indoors when possible. If you can’t keep your cat indoors, then think about keeping your next cat indoors from the start!

7. Do you know what to do if you found a baby bird?
The best way to help a baby bird is to leave it with its family. If you find a fledgling bird on the ground, it may be learning to fly. All birds come to the ground as they learn to fly. If you think the bird is in danger you can pick the bird up and place it in a bush or on the lower branches of a tree. You don’t want to pick it up and take it home, as it needs to stay with its parents. Have more questions? You can call our Wildlife Care Center at 503-292-0304.

8. Take your family for a hike!
Get outside and try to see which birds you can find in your neighborhood or local natural area. Come and visit the Audubon Society of Portland Nature Sanctuary.

9. Celebrate Birds!
Join Audubon Society of Portland at one of our yearly events to celebrate birds. February: Raptor Road Trip on Sauvie Island, May: Migratory Bird Festival at Oaks Bottom Wildlife Refuge, June: Great Blue Heron Week events around town, September: Swift Watch at Chapman Elementary School!

10. Join a Birdathon Team!
Birdathon is a fun way to raise money for the Audubon Society of Portland and it is FUN. Join a team and see how many birds species you can find. Ask your family and neighbors to sponsor you for counting birds for Audubon.

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