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Red-tailed Hawk fledglings reunited with parents in downtown Portland [1%]
June 16, 2015: In early June, we took in two young Red-tailed Hawks that had fledged prematurely from their nest in downtown Portland. We released them back to ...
Seven Young American Kestrels Return to the Wild [1%]
In 2016 seven baby American Kestrels, North America’s smallest falcons, were brought into our Wildlife Care Center. Each has its own unique story, but almost ...
Hitting the streets to reunite an Osprey family [1%]
Sept. 12, 2013: Success! Care center staff and volunteers have reunited an Osprey family.
Peregrine Falcons released on the banks of the Columbia River [1%]
Oct. 26, 2013: Portland Audubon released two rehabilitated Peregrine Falcons today in Portland's Kelley Point Park. Thanks to our Wildlife Care Center staff ...
What should you do if you find a raptor nestling? [1%]
July 16, 2013: Every summer, Portland Audubon takes in hundreds of baby birds who should have been left in the wild. Well-meaning people find them on the ...
Bald Eagle release [1%]
March 28, 2013: We successfully released this juvenile Bald Eagle back into the wild yesterday! He stayed in sight for almost ten minutes, riding a thermal ...
Young Red-tailed Hawk successfully released [1%]
June 6, 2013: Good news! Yesterday afternoon, we successfully released a young Red-tailed Hawk that had fledged prematurely from its nest on the Mark O. ...
Young Barn Owls released at Sokol Blosser Winery [1%]
Aug. 22, 2014: Yesterday evening, the Audubon Society of Portland released three young Barn Owls at Sokol Blosser Winery near McMinnville, Ore. They arrived at ...
Juvenile Ancient Murrelet found in Sheridan, Ore. [1%]
Nov. 19, 2012: Last week, a juvenile Ancient Murrelet was found by the side of the road in Sheridan, Ore. and brought to the Wildlife Care Center. The seabird ...
Green Heron fledgling [1%]
Sept. 13, 2012: Just a quick update today -- a Green Heron fledgling is recuperating in the care center, and its prognosis is good.
Young Screech Owls almost ready for release [1%]
Aug. 17, 2012: The care center took in five baby Screech Owls earlier this summer, and the small birds are almost ready to be released back into the wild. They ...
Young owls and skunks released into wild [1%]
July 31, 2012: The Wildlife Care Center has released several animals back into the wild recently, including a group of young skunks and four Barn Owls.
Heron fledgling found in industrial area [1%]
July 25, 2012: A Great Blue Heron fledgling was brought in this week after being found alone in an industrial area. Initially, it was weak and dehydrated, but ...
Vaux's Swifts [1%]
July 13, 2013: Several baby Vaux’s Swifts are staying in the care center, but these birds don’t do well in human care because they eat on the wing (while ...
Baby Cooper's Hawk [1%]
July 8, 2012: A baby Cooper’s Hawk is currently staying in our Wildlife Care Center; it's only a few weeks old, but it already has some impressive talons.
House Finch and crows [1%]
June 22, 2012: A baby House Finch and three young crows are doing well.
Baby skunks and owls [1%]
June 15, 2012: This week, the care center is hosting an incredible 22 baby skunks. Three Barn Owlets were also brought in after being found in an alfalfa bale.
Chipmunk siblings [1%]
June 6, 2012: Three baby chipmunk siblings were brought to the care center in late May after being cornered by a dog.
Screech Owlet reunited with family [1%]
May 31, 2012: This round Screech Owlet was brought to our care center last week after a dog got ahold of it, but the bird recovered quickly and was just ...
Two healthy House Finches [1%]
May 23, 2012: Two healthy House Finches were recently brought to the care center after falling out of their nest. When the birds first arrived, they were so ...
Barn Owlets found in hay bale [1%]
May 9, 2012: Two 1-week-old Barn Owlets were found in a hay bale, where their parents had likely been nesting.
Baby Barn Owl update [1%]
May 6, 2012: Good news! The Barn Owl baby taken in by the care center this April was recently reunited with its family.
More ducklings! [1%]
May 2, 2012: Two more groups of ducklings were brought to the care center this week, bringing the count to 62 total ducklings this season.
Baby Barn and Great Horned Owls [1%]
April 22, 2012: The care center is looking after two baby owls, a Barn Owl with a laceration on its side and a Great Horned Owl that was removed from the wild ...
First ducklings of the season! [1%]
April 14, 2012: The first ducklings of the season came into the care center today.
Audubon rescues beaver with unusual hip condition [1%]
April 23, 2015: A small but solid young beaver spent a few weeks in the Wildlife Care Center this spring after she became stuck in an outdoor fountain in ...
Juvenile Peregrine Falcons ready for release [1%]
Oct. 24, 2013: We're releasing two rehabilitated Peregrine Falcons Oct. 26 in Portland’s Kelley Point Park, and the public is invited to attend. The young, ...
Wildlife Care Center Reunites Baby Great Horned Owl with Parents [1%]
Back in early March we received a baby Great Horned Owl that had been found with its dead sibling and destroyed nest in Vancouver, Washington. A storm blew the ...
Learning to live alongside skunks [1%]
July 9, 2014: The Audubon Society of Portland is currently caring for 23 baby skunks that were orphaned when their mothers were either shot or killed in traps.
Juvenile Bald Eagle found poisoned near Winlock, Wash. [1%]
March 26, 2013: Portland Audubon is releasing a juvenile Bald Eagle on Wednesday, March 27, and you're invited to attend! Staff will be sending the male eagle ...
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