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6x6 Wild Art Project

Original pieces of bird-themed art on 6″x6″ canvases.

6x6 Wild Arts Project - James Colhoff Jr

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Canvases now available at both Blick store locations!

6x6 Wild Arts Project
A feature of Portland Audubon Society’s
2018 Wild Arts Festival • November 17 & 18

Paint a bird to help the birds!

Transform a 6 x 6 inch canvas into an imaginative work of art to benefit Portland’s wildlife. As always, the subject is “birds.” Let your imagination take it from there. Blick Art Materials is donating the canvases—you create the art! Donated artwork will be exhibited and sold at Portland Audubon’s 2018 Wild Arts Festival.  

How to participate:

Canvas distribution at Blick Stores will begin Friday, September 21.  

  1. Sign out your 6x6 canvas at either Blick store starting September 21:
       1115 NW Glisan, Portland, Mon-Sat 9 - 8, Sun 11 - 6
       2710 Cedar Hills Blvd., Beaverton, Mon-Sat 9 - 8, Sun 11 - 6
  2. Paint, assemble, or create your art using your medium of choice. Be creative and have fun with the subject of “Birds.” Be sure to keep artwork within the 6x6 area.
  3. Delicate work (ex. pastel, cut paper) should be submitted with appropriate protection. Do not submit a canvas with wet paint. Give yourself adequate lead time to allow the paint to dry thoroughly.
  4. Print your name clearly on the back of your canvas.
  5. Return your finished canvas along with a completed participation form by October 28 (Sunday) to either Blick store.

In addition to being part of a fun, collective project and supporting an important cause, artists will receive two passes to the Wild Arts Festival and discount coupons for Blick, the Portland Audubon Nature Store, and the Backyard Bird Shop. Artists will be recognized in the Festival program, on the Portland Audubon website, on the 2017 6 x 6 poster and in the 2017 6 x 6 video. Watch for your mailing after the October 29 deadline.

Donated artwork will be priced at $45 each. All proceeds support the conservation, environmental education and wildlife rehabilitation work of the Portland Audubon Society.

The 6 x 6 Wild Arts Project will retire after the 2018 festival. 

This will be the 12th year for the popular 6 x 6 community art project, so we've decided that it is time to change things up a bit and introduce a new community project next year. Over a thousand people have participated over the years and we look forward to adding to those numbers in this final 6 x 6 show.   

Q & A

What if I can’t get to Blick to pick up a canvas?
Blick generously donates canvases for this project but if you are unable to get to a Blick Store, you are welcome to use your own or obtain one elsewhere. Just make sure your artwork is 6" x 6"  – and no deeper than 2.5".

Can I do this as a project for my class?
Yes, but each class member must check out their canvas individually. Teachers cannot come to Blick and check out canvases for all members of their class. There are limited canvases and we want to make them available to as many people as possible. 

Can children participate? 
While some children participate in the 6 x 6, we do not encourage it because, delightful as it is, experience has shown that at this sale children's art generally does not sell and our purpose is to raise money for conservation. 

How critical is the deadline?
All artwork must be submitted by the Oct. 28th deadline in order to be included in the program and in the slideshow. Arrangements can be made with the 6 x 6 coordinators (not Blick) for late submissions for the show itself. Contact: gaygreger@gmail.com.

An email reminder will be sent to all who gave a legible email address when signing out canvases from Blick.

What is the purpose of the participation form?
This is the official donation form and must accompany every piece of artwork. It is also the source we use to ensure that artist names are spelled correctly on the poster and slide show. Please print clearly!

Can I submit more than one 6 x 6?
Yes! Each year a few people submit two or even three works of art. However, BLICK asks that we limit the donated canvases to one per person. So if you would like to do more than one, please plan to purchase the additional canvases.  6 x 6 canvases are available from a variety of art supply stores. 

What happens to any unsold artwork?
Unsold pieces are used in the Portland Audubon education programs or presented as gifts during volunteer recognition events.

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